Reid & Miller Chartered Professional Accountants

Every organization, regardless of focus, size or goal
must be confident in their accounting professionals.

At Reid & Miller Chartered Professional Accountants Inc., we pride ourselves on creating an environment and relationship in which clients see us as a comfortable and extensive addition to their internal team.

We offer an expanded list of services from traditional accounting to business consulting. Our clients look to our personal and professional business development experience. We are committed to their success!

Located in sunny St. James, Reid & Miller Chartered Professional Accountants Inc. works with clients in Winnipeg and across Manitoba.

audit & assurance engagements

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Our team can help get you started on a Cloud-based solution and secure online storage which will streamline your accounting.


Our accountants work diligently on reviewing the implications for your business and use a big picture approach when updating you on the changes required in maintaining your optimum and most effective tax strategy.


Adding value to your business in a one-to-one environment, our business professionals will help continue to make your business a success.

Free introductory consultation

On-demand access to your financial team

Custom plans tailored to your specific needs

Confidence in us backed by our reputation

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