Reid & Miller Chartered Professional Accountants Inc.

Cloud Based Accounting

Moving to cloud accounting solutions can be a daunting and scary experience.

Since 2003, we have been providing solutions for our clients’ diverse accounting experiences and training needs.

The Reid & Miller accounting team will get you started on a Cloud based accounting solution and secure online storage, as well as streamline your accounting in the process.

We have dedicated advisors in Xero and QuickBooks online, which will transition your accounting systems to the cloud and provide training support to get your accounting mobile.

Critical financial information could be lost or stolen on desktop computers or laptops; Cloud accounting solutions provides safer and more secure methods of storage through the use of encryption algorithms.

Your business is no longer tethered to your physical business location. With a less centralized workforce, you can be open to a more flexible and talented employee pool.

Invoicing and billing collection processes can be integrated with online applications, such as Paypal, PaymentEvolution, Stripe and thousands more.

General Process:

Step 1: Initial consultation – Understanding the goals and current challenges

Step 2: Choosing the software(s) suitable for your needs

Step 3: Review the current accounting processes and software data, where applicable

Step 4: The transition is completed by our team

Step 5: Flexible training support for your staff in each system process

Step 6: Evaluate processes and adjust as required

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